Today is the end of a year. A year we won’t get back, and for some, a year we would never want to repeat. For me I have said that 2017 was a year of loss. As I reflect on the past 364 days I see what has been lost, for me: a long term relationship ended, 2 uncles very dear to me passed away in a months’ time, my Daddy gone too soon and the loss of my house… Almost too much to get your brain around. Trust me I have cried many a tear. I am not saying my loss is any better or worse than yours. Loss is lost. Gone forever. We all grieve.

But as I reflect I realize that I gained SO MUCH MORE than what was taken from me. I gained FREEDOM, freedom to know who I am, what I want in life and settling is not an option. I learned that FAMILY is extremely important…that through thick and thin – good times and bad – when we disagree with one another and don’t see eye to eye…WE ARE STILL FAMILY. Blood related (steps or halves) and those bonds go deeper than any argument or disagreement ever could. I’ve learned that my FRIENDS are my angels from God who step in when family cannot. And through this year my friends have stood by me through the thick of it… Good friends will call you out on something, tell you that you are right and even tell you that you’re wrong and still LOVE YOU ANYWAY.

I’ve learned that a house (even one that you have loved and lived in for over 14 years) is just a house, four walls and a roof. That wherever I am (with my fur babies) I can make it a ‘ Home’.

I’ve learned that time is short and life is precious. Too short for anger or resentment… NEVER ever harbor regret. Agree to disagree and Love anyway! Never burn a bridge, always, ALWAYS be kind, try to always leave people better than you found them. Tell people you love them, hug often, forgive even when it hurts…forgive. Forgiveness brings peace to your soul. (Forgive-Release-Let Go).

Most of all… Learn from what 2017 brought you through. Leave the baggage of sadness, anger and grief behind and walk into the New Year with a fresh slate! A new clean page! A brand new chapter that only YOU can write. Life is short and precious so Live without regret. Love unconditionally. And cherish every moment.

Auld lang syne : Old times, especially times fondly remembered

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05- 27- 2016

Do you fit?

As most ladies, I enjoy shoe shopping… but with very small feet (size 5) finding all the cute styles in my size can be challenging. One day I was shopping when I saw the most adorable pair of shoes, shiny red, strappy with a heel a bit higher than I normally wear and not only were they on the sale rack, they were my size! Oh I tried them on, I pranced around the shoe store admiring them on my feet… hearing the compliments from other women… “Oh those are cute!” said one woman, another said “They are super cute!” I was feeling pretty good about myself with all the compliments from the female cheering section!

I went back and forth in my mind over these shoes….

What would I wear them with? They were RED. Certainly I could find an outfit to wear them with or maybe go buy a new one?

The heels are rather high….well I would like to look a bit taller (with my short / petite self being only 5’0”).

How can you walk in such high heels? “With practice” I told myself… I mean how hard can it be, right? I’ve been walking since age two… I should have the art of walking perfected now in my mid-50’s right?

Oh the endless tug –o-war of thoughts plagued me…but I talked myself into them because, well, they were on sale, right? And how often does a cute – red – strappy shoe come along in a size 5?

I brought them home – so excited to put them on and walk (strut) around my house. I grabbed a quick black skirt out of my closet which is already teeming with clothes, dresses, skirts, shirts all in three different sizes (sm-med-large… aka my real size, my fat size and my dream size). I began parading across the wood floors checking out how the shoes looked on me in the closet mirror. I asked my cats what they thought and they were disinterested. So there I stood, my hair thrown up in a bun, old T-shirt on, black skirt and with my new, fancy red strappy high heeled shoes looking at myself in the mirror… when I got a wild idea… I wonder if I can dance in these shoes...? So I break into my best ‘ballet-flash dance-twirl-oh, what, a feeling, 80’s’ move when one foot went one way, the ankle of the other foot twisted and flipped the other way, my body fell backwards and 2 out of 3 cats fled in terror!

As I laid there on the floor wondering if I had broken anything and remembering the receipt said “all sales are final” I realized that even though the shoes fit on my feet, they didn’t belong on my feet.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you fit in, but you just didn’t belong?

God’s word says in Psalms 37:23 The LORD makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him.

God doesn’t want you to feel like you just fit in… He wants you to belong. You are His.

Make good choices! #HopeDefinedMe


Good Bye 53 - You tried very hard to kick my butt this past year...with health issues and financial loss...it will be nice to see you go...I am so thankful for Jesus who is faithful <3 and for the new friends in my life and for the old ones who have remained by my side - loving me where I'm at .. People have come and gone from my life this past year. Some I will dearly miss - but I know I will see them again in heaven, others left by their own word or deed...I will miss them - but love does not demand it's own way (1Cor13:5)


HELLO 54! - I am looking forward to all you have for me this year! I will live this year better - with wiser choices - and more time spent with dear friends and family. You can not go backwards and change anything, but you CAN go forward and do things differently... Life marches on at a record pace and you can find yourself chasing material things...but the most precious commodity you have is 'time' use it wisely <3 I plan to!


What are you chasing? Lofty goals? The glass ceiling? More money? There is only so much time....do not waste it on things that wont matter. Time is a precious commodity.

I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure.
My heart took delight in all my labor, and this was the reward for all my toil. Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve, everything was meaningless, chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 2:10-11


The other morning I was headed to an appointment and I passed through several school zones. As I crept along at my 15mph I watched the cute kids walking with their Moms or riding their bikes. And I became painfully aware of how many Mom's were talking on their cell phones as they walked their child to school.... The child saying nothing - walking beside their Mom. Seriously? For the twenty minutes that it takes you to walk your child to school - you couldn't find something better to do with your time? Like maybe talk to your child?

Encourage them, make them laugh, share a story and bond so that when you leave your child at school they have a wonderful memory of you to carry in their hearts throughout the day. Time is precious! Life is Short! Before you know it your children will grow up - they will not want you walking them to school - much less want you spending time with them. Talk on your cell phones all you want to on the walk / ride back to your house. But make a good choice and enjoy time with your child. Encourage them - use that 15-20 minutes and make a memory full of smiles.

I denied myself nothing my eyes desired; I refused my heart no pleasure.
My heart took delight in all my labor, and this was the reward for all my toil.
Yet when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve,
everything was meaningless, chasing after the wind;
nothing was gained under the sun. Ecclesiastes 2:10-11


A year ago - my life changed - It was the day I received the cancer diagnosis. At that moment my life was not my own - going from one doctor appointment to another- one procedure to another. I had to trust what was being told to me (medically) Spiritually - I found my peace and my rest in Jesus. My life became out of control - but placed in the hands of the ONE who is in control. Going through this Journey was difficult (nothing worth while is easy) but it showed me the love of others - it created in me more compassion for others and it gave me a deeper walk with my Savior. No matter how difficult the surgery, treatment, recovery, was - I wasn't alone. So many friends and breast cancer sisters walked thru this Journey with me. Today I look back and I am thankful for the diagnosis....Thankful you may ask? Yes - Thankful - because nothing can touch my life that doesn't go thru God's hands first. My Journey glorifies God. I can help, encourage, and walk through this same Journey with another person who gets that scarey diagnosis. I am thankful that I have walked through this Journey and am now on the other side.God is so good and so faithful <3


Simpler times... The days are long, but the years are short.
What I wouldn't give to go back (knowing what I know now) and spending more time, being more present, saying no to work, and yes to play time...
Love my son, he is my <3


Good Morning! My prayer this morning is for any woman Today, going into surgery Today - going under the knife Today for breast cancer..not just in NPR or Fla or the USA BUT in the WORLD TODAY - reaching further than this facebook post... That TODAY they experience a mighty miracle from God! That the cancer they were diagnosed with will be GONE in the Mighty name of Jesus! That is my prayer and I am believing it for my fellow Sisters!! PLEASE believe with me! Come into agreement with me TODAY Share my post - give encouragement TODAY! God is still in the Miracle business TODAY! #Hope #HopeDefinedMe #Faith #Believe


Awesome news yesterday at the Oncologist! NO CHEMO!! Praise God. The Dr. does want me to take the Tamoxifen pill once a day for up to 10 years.... reason being is the cancer I had, can reoccur and by taking the pill it brings the re-occurrence rate of that cancer showing back up closer to 0% I am going to do my own research on it and talk to my Aunt Tina who works in breast cancer research to get better educated and l understand the treatment and side effects. But this is great news!.... and a real testimony to early detection. Everything I went thru was not fun, and for those who have more advanced stages of cancer it is much worse the treatment they must endure. I have great friends and family and an amazing God who gave me peace throughout this journey... i am not sure how anyone can go thru this without Him, but I do know this, Life and circumstances without God are much harder.

My radiation side affects are wearing off, the soreness and pain lessens with each day and my range of motion with my right arm gets better too (that's my predominant arm). I am thankful and blessed beyond measure for the out pouring of love and compassion. Everything you all poured out on me, I want to pour out on others. ..."love one another as I have loved you...." Thank you my angels here on earth! Merry Christmas!!